GFPM Early Career Work­shop 2022

06 March 2022 | On 22–23 July 2022, GFPM will host this year’s Early Career Work­shop at Cologne Uni­ver­sity of Music and Dance to sup­port you on your way in aca­demia. Whe­ther you are wri­ting a master’s thesis, a dis­ser­ta­tion, or other qua­li­fi­ca­tion work… [read more]

Early Career Workshop

17 December 2020 | You are curr­ently wri­ting a paper that deals with popular music in a broader sense (i.e. inclu­ding jazz, pop, musi­cals, etc.)? You are on your own when it comes to sci­en­tific work? [read more]